Welcome to my piece of the web. I’ve been designing and programming Websites and Web applications since 2008. I’ve worked on websites ranging from small, single page lead generation forms, to large enterprise scale eCommerce platforms and everything in between.

I’m committed to building quality software that is a positive contribution to the world of technology and in the process, I hope to make the Web a better place.

Using this site

If you want to link to, copy, mirror, or translate portions of this site, please read my copying policy.

The design for this website is based on Brutalist Web Design.

I’ve tried to make sure that this site is as accessible and usable on as many web browsers and devices as possible. You do not need Javascript to view this page, I don’t collect analytics or user data and I’m not asking you to subscribe to anything.

I strongly believe in Open Source software and an Open Web. All of my own personal projects are released under the GPL and are available on Github.

If you have any problems viewing any of the content here, please let me know.