Hey, I’m David.

I help individuals and businesses build, maintain and secure their digital assets. For over 15 years I’ve worked as a Software Developer, Linux Engineer, and Security Specialist for small to medium sized businesses and large Enterprises around Australia.

Over the last few years I’ve worked on single-page Websites for startup business, large eCommerce and Learning Management platforms, News and Media Websites delivering content to hundreds of thousands of monthly subscribers.

I’ve also designed and implemented Cybersecurity policies and procedures, performed Incident Response and Malware Remediation, security engineering and security assessments to help protect companies from cyber attack.

I’m particularly interested in:

  • Web and Software development.
  • Enterprise Linux and large-scale infrastructure.
  • High-Performance Computing, Clusters and Distributed Systems.
  • Infrastructure automation.
  • Cyber Security, Security Assessments, Threat Analysis and Incident Response.

For more information, see my about me page.

Contact me

You can reach me from my contact page.