Hey, I’m David.

I started learning to code at 12 years old so that I could create my own computer games. I studied programming books and tutorials sprawled across my bedroom floor with my old 486 PC, typing in the code and trying to make something work.

Then I discovered Linux a year or so later with Red Hat Linux 7.3 CDs on the back of a magazine.

I’ve been obsessed with open-source software and building software systems ever since.

I started building websites professionally in 2008, beginning with static HTML and CSS, and progressing in dynamic sites with Databases and content management systems.

I’ve worked as a developer, systems administrator and Technical Lead for several years, building and managing commercial websites and infrastructure.

I’ve designed, built and managed sites accommodating 100’s of thousands of subscribers and millions of page views.

I currently work as a Technical Specialist (Linux systems) for Infrastructure and Cyber Security Operations where I build and maintain Enterprise Linux servers and automate security requirements.

Most of this website is dedicated to documenting technical steps and processes like setting up Linux servers or building websites and software..

Mostly it’s about things I’m working with at the time, often to document the steps I’ve taken to do something so I can refer back to it later.

If you find something useful here, great, if not or if something I’ve posted here could be found elsewhere in better detail, that’s cool too.