Since 2008, I’ve worked with dozens of companies all around Australia and New Zealand building and maintaining websites. My first professional development job was to build a website for a local business.

Wildmans Cranes Website

Since then, I’ve worked on everything from simple small business websites, large eCommerce sites, Enterprise client / server apps, data migrations and mobile apps.

Emu Plains Football Club

In 2017, I was hired on a one month contract to update some code on a website for a Sydney media publishing company. After extending my contract for a further month, the company hired me as their Technical Lead.

Hunter Valley Zoo Website
Hunter Valley Zoo

I currently lead a team of 4 other developers and maintain quite a lot of websites. We are heavy WordPress users because it is a flexible, powerful platform and allows us to build robust and scalable applications.

Amplus Auto Group

Here’s a few of the sites I’ve worked on over the years.

For more information, you can check out my Github or LinkedIn otherwise, shoot me an email from the contact page.