WebDeveloper 1 Writeup

Disclaimer: This post demonstrates hacking techniques and could be considered dangerous. I’m doing this for my own personal research using freely available tools and information, and testing against a vulnerable machine specifically designed for security assessments that has been installed in my own personal lab isolated from the public Internet. Please do not use these techniques against any computer system that you either do not own or do not have permission to work on. [Read More]

Setting up a Cyber Security Lab

This post is a brief outline on setting up a home lab for Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Cyber Security research. I’ll use the steps in this article as a base for future articles on more in-depth techniques. There’s already plenty of existing articles and tutorials about this kind of stuff and everyone has their own personal preferences, but this is my take and how I like to work. A personal lab is also going to reflect what you’re working on at the time, and not all lab environments will be the same. [Read More]

Installing Enterprise Linux

In this post I’m going to demonstrate the installation of Enterprise Linux in VMware Workstation Player. I’ll be installing the AlmaLinux distribution because it’s a completely free, community maintained Enterprise distribution, though the steps outlined here should be the same for all variants of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including Oracle Linux, Rocky Linux and CentOS. First of all, download the AlmaLinux installation ISO from the official website. I’ll be installing version 8. [Read More]