Setting up a Cyber Security Lab

This post is a brief outline on setting up a home lab for Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Cyber Security research. I’ll use the steps in this article as a base for future articles on more in-depth techniques. There’s already plenty of existing articles and tutorials about this kind of stuff and everyone has their own personal preferences, but this is my take and how I like to work. A personal lab is also going to reflect what you’re working on at the time, and not all lab environments will be the same. [Read More]

Web App Enumeration

Before you can start testing a Web App’s security, it’s a good idea to first learn more about what the Web App is, how it functions, what a normal user can do with it and importantly, how it’s built. It’s no good trying to run an exploit built for a PHP application if your target is written in Java. Enumeration is one of the first steps you’ll conduct when assessing the security of a Web Application and is essentially a process of trying to understand the application you’re working with. [Read More]