Setting up an LDAP Client

This post continues on from my previous post on configuring an OpenLDAP server and will demonstrate setting up a client configuration in Enterprise Linux 8. Note: I originally wrote both this and the previous post using the Enterprise Linux distribution AlmaLinux, however during the course of testing I re-built the virtual machines to use Oracle … Read more

Authentication with OpenLDAP on Enterprise Linux

This post will demonstrate setting up an OpenLDAP Server for user authentication on Enterprise Linux. OpenLDAP is an implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and is often used for user identity and authorisation services in corporate environments. I’ve previously demonstrated setting up an Enterprise Linux virtual machine, so if you haven’t already done so … Read more

Joining Enterprise Linux to Active Directory

In this post I’ll outline the steps to join an Enterprise Linux host to Microsoft Active Directory for user account management. Why would you want to do this? In an Enterprise environment it’s common to have a mix of Windows and Unix/Linux machines. To resolve the issues of user account management across a network of … Read more