Nidavellir is a WordPress theme based on Brutalist Web design. Brutalism is a style of building architecture from the 1950’s – 1970’s that is raw, simple and functional, often leaving the building materials exposed.

UTS Building in Sydney is an example of Brutalist Architecture

Brutalism in web design steers clear of the modern, accepted design practices and takes a similar approach to early 90’s web design, particularly keeping hyperlinks blue and underlined, black text on white background using plain, ordinary fonts.

Nidavellir is my attempt at a Brutalist website design.

Nidavellir WordPress theme

I tried to keep it simple, semantic and clean. It has very little JavaScript, the CSS is clean and simple with the layout built using CSS Grid. The colour scheme is brutal and sparse with minimal Customizer options.

The name ‘Nidavellir‘ is the Norse home of the Dwarves who, in Norse Mythology, were master craftsmen who lived in Subterranean caves. I thought it was a fitting name for my theme.

If you’re interested in trying out Nidavellir you can download it from the WordPress theme directory or you can install it directly from the Appearance > Themes menu in your WordPress dashboard.